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Portal services

Deliver the connectivity experience your flyers demand.

  • Gogo Custom Portal

    The Gogo® Custom Portal gives your airline the freedom and flexibility to completely tailor the inflight experience – from available Wi-Fi passes, to entertainment options, to design.

    Delta Air Lines custom portal
  • Gogo Standard Portal

    Ready-made for easy implementation, the Gogo® Standard Portal offers access to turnkey services, such as inflight internet and entertainment, flight tracking, and destination weather.

    American airlines custom portal Japan airlines custom portal

Portal features

With 20+ years of experience, Gogo is the best-suited provider to deliver your customers a memorable inflight experience. Our portals are built upon Gogo’s comprehensive selection of services, which use proven methods to help airlines increase all forms of revenue.


Unlike competitors, our weather service supports flexible integration into many user experiences – both pre- and post-purchase.

Location/ destination services

Available on over 2,300 aircraft, Gogo’s flight tracker is the most-widely used flight information solution in the industry, allowing passengers to view their progress via a moving map.


Gogo provides unmatched flexibility in terms of pass offerings, subscriptions, and discounted pre-flight purchases, resulting in more than 94 million inflight connectivity sessions.

Customer care

Our team of dedicated airline and product representatives manage more than 6,000 contacts per month across 2,300+ commercial aircraft, enabling Gogo to deliver this service with unmatched expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Account management

We manage more than 4.5 million Gogo accounts a year, which provide a smooth sign-in process and enable a number of sales options beyond transaction-based inflight sales.

Payment processing and billing

Handling 1.25 million transactions per month, our user-friendly purchase path enables quick, secure purchases with nine different payment options.

Whitelist operations

Gogo has provided whitelisting services – free, secured access to websites that would otherwise remain behind the paywall – since 2008, longer than anyone else in the industry.

Digital ad server

As the first real-time inflight ad server certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Gogo’s digital ad server builds upon OpenX’s robust APIs to deliver targeted ads by route.

Bring our portal services onboard

Both Custom and Standard Portals are available with any of our inflight connectivity solutions. Find one that’s fit for your fleet.

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