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Deliver global, regional, and custom TV shows to passengers' devices with the most cost-efficient IPTV service on the market.

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Leveraging our proprietary 2Ku technology, Gogo® TV enables your airline to broadcast sports, breaking news, and other live video content to passengers' Wi-Fi devices and embedded IFE systems. You also have the opportunity to tailor offerings based on region or destination, making customers feel at home, wherever they travel.

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Discover why Gogo TV is the future of inflight entertainment.


Key features and benefits

  • Choose a channel line-up with offerings based on region or destination, complete with enhanced customer targeting and branding
  • Content streams to passengers PEDs and embedded seatback systems with gate-to-gate functionality, providing travelers with a seamless, uninterrupted entertainment experience
  • Leverages our proprietary 2Ku technology, which offers the most cost-effective data transmission on the market
  • Boost ancillary revenue with third-party sponsorship opportunities, which allow passengers to enjoy content for free
  • Available anywhere in the world within Gogo's global 2Ku network – including over water
  • Can be installed with little-to-no downtime on 2Ku-equipped planes

The 2Ku advantage

By leveraging our proprietary, high-performance Gogo® 2Ku technology, Gogo TV offers multiple advantages over Dish Broadcast Satellite (DBS) systems, including less downtime and maintenance, the ability to broadcast over water, and more cost-effective data transmission.

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Bring Gogo TV onboard

Here's what your aircraft need to bring Gogo TV onboard:

2Ku antenna

2Ku antenna

The 2Ku antenna, which consists of two large aperture phased-array antennas, transmits data to and from the aircraft.



The MODMAN is the device used to host the modem, which converts the satellite data stream.



The KRFU converts frequencies from the modem to prepare for transmission to the satellite.



The KANDU provides power to the satellite antenna and uses aircraft navigational data to control its movement.

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